Ceremonies created to be as unique as the people they celebrate

Welcome to Soulful Ceremonies

I am based in Stroud in Gloucestershire

I’m Alex Long– a celebrant, a classical musician, a mum and a choir leader. I live in a home nestled in the valleys of Stroud, full of instruments, craft projects and books galore.

I am a lover of ceremony and ritual and can help you to create personal and heartfelt ceremonies for funerals  and memorials or for more alternative namings and even ceremonies for grief and our land.  I can enable you to weave together all the most important threads of your lives and will create the perfect ceremony with you.

I am able to write ceremonies that reflect you and your loved ones and to ensure that all of your beliefs and feelings are heard and celebrated. We can find spaces to hold ceremonies in all sorts of places, be they the more traditional or the slightly more outlandish or simply in the outdoors.