Naming ceremonies seem to be a relatively new thing but we have been conducting ceremonies to welcome our children into our communities for thousands of years…

Of course, these need not be just for children, they do not have to have any set format and can be devised entirely around the needs of yourself or your family.

You might like to name your child soon after their birth, or perhaps your child is adopted and you would like to mark this rite of passage. Alternatively, this could be a way to celebrate your new chosen name, whether through transition or other means of self-discovery.

There are no rules – this is your chance to, with my help, create the ceremony you need from scratch.



This will include a comprehensive meeting with you or your family (or via zoom/skype/whatsapp if needed), full preparation of the ceremony script and my time with you on the day at the ceremony.

(photos taken at the Woodland Tipi Site  )

These photographs are of a ceremony I wrote for three children aged between 8 and 13 – we welcomed them into their extended family and named their tribe – the people who would support them on the next stage of their journey.